Ready for a coffee adventure? Let’s dive in. The first thing I noticed was the sleek, stainless steel design of the coffee maker. Assembling it right out of the box was a breeze—no complicated instructions, just straightforward setup.

After priming the machine, I was ready to brew my first cup! With six cup size options and four different brewing styles, I knew I was in for a treat. For my first cup, I used my favorite coffee beans, Lavazza Super Crema. I selected an 8oz size, set the strength to “Gold,” and pressed “Brew.” Within moments, my coffee was ready.

I like my coffee with a splash of milk, and I couldn’t wait to try it. Here it goes… Yum! I absolutely love it! Experimenting with the different strength levels and brewing sizes was a lot of fun. I quickly found my favorite settings and was amazed at how great this coffee machine works.

After using the coffee maker for an extended period, I’ve reached a more informed conclusion. The quality of coffee it produces remains superior to that of traditional pod-based coffee makers. The way it grinds beans and self-cleans offers a significant improvement over the old pod method. However, I’ve adjusted my rating to four stars due to the cumbersome cleaning process.

Even though the coffee maker excels in brewing the perfect cup every time, attempting to gently open the compartment to empty the water results in leaks inside the machine, necessitating frequent cleanups, which is quite disappointing. On the other hand, the coffee grinds compartment is commendably designed—taller and easier to clean once removed, without leaving a mess like its water counterpart. I suggest implementing a taller tray for the water compartment, designed to be emptied on demand, to prevent internal leaks and maintain the machine’s overall efficiency and cleanliness.

Despite the minor cleaning hassle, this coffee maker has truly elevated my coffee experience, making each cup a delightful adventure.

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